About Mandalay Shweyi

Mandalay Shweyi History

MANDALAY SHWEYI is a member company in Waaneiza Worldwide Corporate Companies. It was incorporated as a manufacturing company in Myanmar in 2002 but started operation in 1992.

SHWEYI DISTILLERY started operation on April 12, 1992 as a small scale business. Over the past decades, Shweyi Distilleries has had a rapid growth and remarkable record of success in Food & Beverages manufacturing business in Myanmar.

In 2002, Mandalay Shweyi Co., Ltd. was incorporated as an Alcoholic Beverages manufacturing company starting with two distilleries one in Mandalay and another in Yangon, Myanmar.

In 2003, the company started Buckwheat manufacturing business in collaboration with Japanese organizations and produced Buckwheat Shochu in 2004 and Buckwheat Noodle in 2005.

In 2006, the company started Honey Business In Myanmar. In 2007, the company started honey export to Japan. Afterward, started export to Thailand, Vietnam, China & United States. The Company got the first US FDA approval for export Myanmar honey to US market in 2012.

In order to operate the businesses internationally, the company has founded new incorporated companies in 2008 as Waaneiza Worldwide Corporate Companies.

In 2012, the corporate has incorporated Myanmar Honey Farms Company Limited and Waaneiza Worldwide Agriculture Company Limited as new two regenerating manufacturing companies in Myanmar. The objective is to make more specific focus on manufacturing business.

In year 2012, Mandalay Shweyi transfer Honey Business to Myanmar Honey Farms Company and Buckwheat Business to Waaneiza Worldwide Agriculture Company. Mandalay Shweyi focus on Alcoholic Beverages manufacturing since this year.

In year 2018, Mandalay Shweyi started manufacturing of Premium Korean Soju in three varieties; Buckwheat Soju, White Rice Soju & Cane Sugar Soju.

In year 2018, Mandalay Shweyi preparing to start import of Premium Wines from International Suppliers and to make marketing & distribution in Myanmar market.