Myanmar Honey Farms

Myanmar Honey Farms Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012. Its operations started as Shwe Wut Yi Beekeeping in 2008. Myanmar Honey Farms Co., Ltd. specializes in beekeeping, supplying beekeeping materials and medicines and sharing Apiculture know-how to beekeepers. Myanmar Honey Farm Co., Ltd. is the largest beekeeping company in Myanmar.

Honey & Bee Products

We target Honey and Bee-Products group to the customers in both domestic and global markets. Honey industry has presented growing demand year by year in the world. We have also got big demand from several markets such as Japan, EU, and USA, and even from China.

We are extending honey bottling plant to produce bottled honey rather than bulk honey so as to make more profit margin. We have also make apiculture development with rapid rate for more Myanmar honey out-put. We are cooperating in technological know-how with a China honey firm to develop both bee-keeping and honey processing.

We intended to expand honey market by developing not only in quantity but also in quality. Our honey quality is now reaching all the standard specifications of world markets such as Japan, EU and USA.

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