Waaneiza Worldwide Agriculture Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012 but the operation has been starting in 2003. It specializes in buckwheat cultivation, buckwheat processing and distribution of fertilizers, pesticides and other agricultural inputs throughout the country.

Buckwheat & Agro-Products

Myanmar is still predominantly an agricultural country. The overwhelming majority of Myanmar’s population live in rural areas and much of the nation’s wealth are generated there. We are now in agricultural value-chains in Myanmar.

We target Buckwheat and Agricultural Products group to the customers in both domestic and global markets. In this product group buckwheat is our core crop and we will associate other crops in coming years.

Buckwheat can be cultivated at the altitude between 1000 meters and 2000 meters. Myanmar has huge buckwheat cultivation land areas as Shan State locate at good altitude and has fertile soil and suitable weather for buckwheat. In ASEAN, Myanmar may be the solely producer for buckwheat. China is the biggest buckwheat exporter in the world. Nowadays, China is becoming the biggest consumer of buckwheat rapidly. Therefore, buckwheat demand is more and more in the world for coming years.

We foresee buckwheat products have big potential in the world markets. We have also introduced buckwheat products in Myanmar market and gain some successes. We also strategically planned to import and market agricultural input materials such as seeds and fertilizers in previously mentioned Myanmar’s huge agro-based manufacturing market. Our business plan is partly depend upon this market segmentation and implementation.

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